An early weapon combo for a dagger.

Every current attack was taken from this.


Daggers are much smaller than 1-handed swords. They also happen to, more often than not, have a much higher attack speed. Their range is often lacking.

Cutthroat[edit | edit source]

Cutthroat small.gif

"The weapon of choice for the quick fingered thief."

  • Base Cost: 12g
  • Damage: ?
  • Attack Speed: ?
  • Range: ?

Dagger[edit | edit source]

"For those who favour speed and accuracy over range and power."

  • Base Cost: 12g
  • Damage: 1
  • Attack Speed: 1
  • Range: 1

Shiv[edit | edit source]


"A quick and nasty stabbing blade."

  • Base Cost: 8g
  • Damage: 1
  • Attack Speed: 1
  • Range: 0

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