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This is a list of the effects that a monster or the hero can have on them.

Bleeding[edit | edit source]

The most common effect that the hero can have, caused by specific effects or from taking large amounts of damage. The hero/monster will drop blood on the ground, which can gather in pools. Some weapons/items have special properties when the hero is actively bleeding, or standing in blood (even that of others).

Heroes that worship Gor have the unique ability to bleed more easily.

Corroded[edit | edit source]

The hero/monster will glow green, taking extra damage over a short duration (displayed as a green section on the health gauge). Occurs when hit by a corrosive projectile or walking over pools of acid (Ghidraak's head, for example).

Poisoned[edit | edit source]

Usually bestowed by eating bad food or drinking from a cursed water supply. Sickly yellow bubbles will slowly float above the hero as they move. Frequently, the hero will stop to retch and vomit on the floor, incapacitating them entirely for a few seconds.

On Fire[edit | edit source]

The hero/monster is on fire and takes extra fire damage for a short time. Dragons can obviously cause this as well as certain traps, but also the brimstone piles deployed by an Imp.

Chilled[edit | edit source]

Delivered by projectiles made of ice or from treading upon ice slicks left by an Ice Slime Monk. The hero moves/attacks very slowly and cannot use spell abilities.

Insane[edit | edit source]

The hero loses some of their control over their movement, head lolling back and forth, arms flailing, and occasionally stumbling at reduced speed. When stationary, an Insane hero will curl up into a fetal position. Caused by wielding a cursed weapon or taunting the god S'hrim.

Toad[edit | edit source]

The hero is polymorphed into a toad for a few seconds. While in this form the hero cannot attack but only hop around, and has temporarily-reduced health. Caused by possessing a Toad-cursed item or taunting the god S'hrim.

Double Damage[edit | edit source]

The hero does double damage for a short time. A "2x" floats nearby the hero and the hero will flash red.

Berserk[edit | edit source]

Similar to the Double Damage effect, with the added benefit of increased movement speed but also taking double damage from enemies, traps, and other obstacles.

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