There are several varieties of potions and trinkets that you can buy in the shop. Trinkets will give you special powers while potions will boost one stat at the expense of another. They are available for purchase at the store and discovered once are listed in The Vault in order as marked by the # column.

Potions[edit | edit source]

Potions are a means to quickly improve your Hero's stats. Each one improves one stat by 2 points but lowers a different stat by 1.

# Item Cost Description Effect_____

Spider Venom

15g Attack is the best defense for the fragile beasts that hide in the shadows. +2 Strength

-1 Vitality


Ogre Sweat

15g When a single blow can crush your enemy, you can afford to take your time. +2 Strength

-1 Agility


Undead Ichor

15g Spongy flesh may tear away, but it's your bones that keep you standing. +2 Vitality

-1 Strength


Golem Tears

15g To those of stone, mortal lifetimes pass like leaves on the wind. +2 Vitality

-1 Agility


Gnome Brew

15g Strike quick, strike light, then strike again. +2 Agility

-1 Strength


Rodent Blood

15g They'll want to kill you, but first they'll have to catch you. +2 Agility

-1 Vitality

Artifacts[edit | edit source]

# Artifact Cost Description Stacks?

Follower Cyclone

64g A whirlwind of air-magic floats around and damages enemies it touches Yes

Haunted Axe

112g An axe that comes alive when you use magic. Use movement to fling it at beasts Yes

Book of The Sun

The holy text of the Sun Ray cult. A holy book that follows you and periodically fires a spell Yes

Book of Flame

50g A dusty volume that follows you around and periodically fires a spell. The Flame monks abide by it's words Yes

Book of Tears

36g A living tome that follows you around and periodically fires a spell. The pages are soaked with tears Yes

Coward's Shield

144g A protective shield which floats directly behind you. No

Bleeding Cross

80g Stand on pentagrams to heal your wounds No

Vampiric Ring

54g Drink the life from your enemies and heal yourself every time you draw blood, however the curse halves your health No
25 Vampire Fang Heal by attacking enemies, but only when bleeding yourself No

Feather of The Squinting Shrimp

32g When you are bleeding, you run like the wind.

Near Death Necklace

10g The bone charm activates when you are bleeding near death, and doubles the damage of your blows No

Red Soul Gem

14g When you are bleeding near death, the gem comes alive to hasten your attacks

Ghoul Eye

60g When you're bleeding, the eye activates to reduce the damage you take

Murphy's Belt

48g This mythical item grants you double XP and a significant store discount, but only while you are bleeding

Bleeder Shield

128g A protective shield which circles you when you are bleeding Yes


It takes less damage to get you bleeding


Bleed for a short time after every hit you take

A Human Heart

28g Consume a human heart to permanently increase your health by 1 Yes

A Monster Heart

32g Devour this heart and your monsters all get 1 extra health Yes

Monster Toe

Swallow this toe to increase the speed of all your monsters Yes
37 Monster Hand Clutch this hand and your monsters' special attacks all recharge faster Yes
38 Monster Fang Stab your palm with the point of this tooth, and all your monsters gain strength Yes

Medal of Bravery

Taken from a fallen soldier. Comes to life and boosts your strength when on a kill streak of 5 or more

Medal of Service

Found on a dead courier. On a kill streak of 5 or more, it awakens and boosts your speed
41 Medal of Honour Stolen from an old magician. On a kill streak of 5 or more, your spells recharge faster
42 Medal of Experience Stripped from a disgraced general. Kills earn you more XP when on a kill streak of 5 or more

Enlightened Scripture

The doctrine speaks of increasing your magic efficiency, allowing your spells to recharge faster Yes

Heathen Scripture

The forbidden writing explains a method of imbuing your spells with more damage Yes

Ruby Signet

The ruby comes alive when you are on fire to heal your wounds

Sapphire Signet

The sapphire comes alive when you are frozen to heal your wounds
47 Emerald Signet The emerald comes alive when you are poisoned to heal your wonds

Bloodstrike Amulet

64g Attack when standing in a pool of blood to summon a deadly strike from above! No

Sword Link Amulet

60g When standing in blood, fire magic swords when you attack No

Ring of The Acid Curse

72g Upon taking damage you drop pools of acid which may damage your enemies No
51 Cadaver Burst Vile magic infects your monsters. When killed their corpses will swell, then violently explode

Lucky Claw

The devil's luck in this vile object lets it's owner wheedle a 20% store discount Yes

Thorn of Wrath

The thorn works it's way into your flesh, and you gain 15% more wrath when heroes level up Yes

Toad Necklace

Purchased from an old hag by a greedy merchant. Cuts store prices to 35%, but intermittently transforms you into a toad

Dwarven Cog

80g Increase the damage you deal with traps Yes

Magic Ectoplasm

This mysterious ghostly substance increases the ectoplasmic storage capacity of a spirit Yes

Ectothermic Slime

This strange ghostly slime imbues your spirit with power, increasing the effectiveness of each ectoplasm collected
58 Hymn of Betrayal Chant this horrid tune to rob the leading hero of a random artifact Consumed
59 Hymn of Jealousy Sing these eerie tones to steal gold from the leading hero Consumed
60 Hymn of Envy Shout this hars melody to swap weapons with the leading hero Consumed
61 Hymn of Trickery Hum this atonal strain to switch all gear with another hero at random Consumed

Special Drops[edit | edit source]

These are all items that can only be obtained through slaying specific monsters as the Hero.

Eye of the Beast[edit | edit source]

Beholder eye.gif

Fires pink orbs for a short time upon acquisition.

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