In Crawl, there are several different spells that replace your default dodge roll as a human. You can only have one spell at a time. Spells have a cooldown, and you can use your spell again when there is a swirling icon under your player. Spells are available for purchase at the store.

# Spell Icon Book Price Description
01 Dodge Roll
Advanced Dodge Roll book.png
40g Roll out of danger and dodge enemy attacks.
02 Advanced Roll
Advanced Dodge Roll book.png
60g An upgraded version of Dodge Roll. Roll out of danger and dodge enemy attacks.

Recharges faster and rolls faster.

03 Hyperdash
Hyperdash book.png
48g Dash forwards at super speed.
04 Berserker
Berserker book.png
25g Trigger a wild frenzy: Deal double damage and move faster, but take extra damage until the frenzy is over.
05 Raging Bull
Summon the spirit of the beast and charge your foes.
06 Cyclone Summon
Cyclone Summon book.png
32g Throw cyclones that damage your enemies.
07 Fetid Discharge
Fetid Discharge book.png
24g Emit a dangerous putrid sludge.
08 Floating Beam
Floating Beam book.png
24g Cast an energy beam from a floating rune.
09 Spirit Bow
Spirit Bow book.jpg
50g Conjure a bow of pure energy.
10 Tribal Shield
Tribal Shield book.png
25g Summon a shield in front of you.
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