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The store is a room in the game that will show up once on every floor. It is marked by a sign outside and a sign inside of a hammer and anvil. There are always (from left to right): Three Items, three weapons, two spells, and two potions available for purchase, on different tables by category.

If the store on a particular dungeon level has been found, an icon will indicate where it is relative to the hero's current room similar to the portal icon.

Blood Fountains[edit | edit source]

Blood Fountain.png

If you stand next to a running blood fountain, you can spend 5 gold pieces to teleport directly to the store without having to physically travel to it (or find it in the first place). This potentially saves you health since you won't have to travel through monster-and/or-trap-laden rooms.

The fountains will only show up on a floor if there is a store somewhere on the floor, and will usually will show up in multiple rooms. Similar to doors and other room exits, the blood fountain will not function as long as red crystals or monsters/slimes remain in the room.

Shopkeeper[edit | edit source]


Currently, the shopkeeper does nothing but shift around as you browse his wares.

He sits behind the desk with the items and potions on it.

Wooshoo Mooshoo[edit | edit source]

Money God.png

By kneeling to this true god, you could convert all of your blood (gathered by damaging the human) into gold. Before, the blood to gold ratio is 1:1. This gameplay element was later removed though.

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