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The following article contains details about secrets in the game or upcoming features.

As this game is in early alpha, there are lots of things that the developers are planning to implement. This content is not released yet, and thus may change before it is implemented into the full game.

“The full version of Crawl will have more monsters, deities, bosses, weapons, items, traps, environments, things to do, and secrets to discover. Online multiplayer is a possibility, but if your purchase depends on that feature we recommend you wait.”[1]

Confirmed Features[]


Crawl monsterlapse.gif

Crawl developer Barney has so far revealed approximately 13 new monsters and several redone sprites, stating "Here is a gif showing my progress in figuring out monster additions and tweaks to finalize the evolution trees and fix the existing incongruous evolution[s]." The aforementioned gif is shown to the right.

On the official Powerhoof development stream, several new monsters were shown. Listed below is a monster that is confirmed to come out in the near future.

- Tier 4 flying eye monster (dubbed the "Eyeless Beast" in the code) is a large gazer that has its eye detached from its body. The eye shoots a burst of three high velocity tears.

Additionally shown on the stream were several monsters that were a work in progress, and likely not all of the monsters listed below will make it in to the game.

- A tier 2 gnome (dubbed somewhat uncreatively the "Strong Gnome" in the code) and a tier 3 Hunchback monster, both being upgrades from the tier 1 gnome.

- A tier 4 Demon Queen to parallel the tier 4 Demon Lord.

- A tier 2 snake that evolves from the tier 1 spider and tier 1 gargoyle.

- A tier 4 Priestess as part of the Plague Mushroom and Possessed Girl tree.

- A tier 3 wizard that summons zombies, a la the Necromancer.

- A tier 1 minotaur.


A third boss has been in the making for a while, being a shaman who brings a giant golden statue to life with their voodoo. The ghost players control the statue's limbs while the hero must attack the shaman to reveal the statue's weak point. It is planned for the boss to be added upon the release of Crawl 1.0. Below are many revealed gifs about the boss.

Work in progress boss intro[2]

"And here he is getting his mask knocked off"[3]

"Wonder where his vunerable point is..."[4]

"chomp chomp :)"[5]

"Here are the parts you get to control"[6]

"limbs reveal"[7]

"Inhabiting limbs :)"[8]

"some leg action"[9]

"vunerable point and shaman in action"[10]

"body parts being disabled"[11]

Possible Updates[]

This is a list of features that a developer of Powerhoof has mentioned that they might add to the game. They may or may not actually be implemented into the game. 


There are about 20 more monsters in line to be added to the game[12], with potentially more on the way! Many were teased during the week leading up to the game's official release.

Monster and Hero Art.png


This is a list of boss ideas that have been discussed by a powerhoof dev.[13][14]

  • 1 player has the legs and moves the boss around
  • 3 monsters with cooperative benefits

Ghost powers[]

"things top of our list to prototype: [...]

  • having a variety of different slime types with different attacks- from turrets to hazard droppers, to traps to snipers, to slimes which slow you or give you other status effects
  • ghosts having other ways to buff or debuff living players (monsters or hero) so they can form alliances and make deals to help other players out (and break those deals hehe) or just all gang up on the winning (or most hated) player

I can't promise anything specific, we just have to test things out and see what feels good, but rest assures what is in there now for the slime sytem is really the tip of the iceberg for what we think we can do with it :)" [15]


  • More Music. [16]
  • Achievements/Steam cards, probably after final release. [17]
  • Balancing for "impossible rooms", maybe a way to escape or prevent monsters. [18][19]
  • Clearer weapon descriptions. [20]
  • Permadeath to have other consequences than name loss. [21]
  • Special game-mode changing portals. [22]
  • Different Player models, probably later in development due to large amount of art required. [23]