Weapons are aplenty in the dungeons of Crawl, and are acquired primarily by purchasing them with gold at the Blacksmith room on each dungeon level. The weapons available for sale are randomly generated per dungeon level, and each weapon has the potential to have a randomly-assigned property (such as "Blessed") which alters the weapon's performance, name, price, and description (e.g. "unnaturally high damage / low attack speed for a Katana"). When examining a weapon for sale, the description text also provides a quick comparison to your current weapon in terms of +/- in the categories of Value, Damage, Attack Speed, and Range; improvements are highlighted in green, while downgrades are highlighted in red. Extraordinary qualities (both positive and negative) are also highlighted in purple and/or cyan.

Once a weapon is bought, it cannot be bought by any other player-hero on that dungeon level, nor may it be resold. Weapons are specific to and retained by the player buying them; if that player dies, the succeeding player does not inherit the weapon, but reverts to the weapon the new player last used as a human.

Weapons Edit

Weapon Type


Rusted Blade (Default Starter)

An old rusted blade with a dull edge.


A quick and nasty stabbing blade.


For those who favour speed and accuracy over range and power.


The weapon of choice for the quick fingered thief.

Magic Dagger

A light dagger imbued with powerful magic. 


A heavy club. Unwieldy, but effective.

Battle Axe

A rough tool of steel and wood, these axes strike with great power, though heavy and slow to swing in battle.


A thin blade that whistles through the air.


Modeled on the blade carried by Bonethel, hero of the marshes. Famed for leaping into the midst of battle, scattering foes in all directions.

Magic Sword

A blade imbued with powerful magic.


Although dull edged, a thrust of this huge sword can puncture the heaviest armor.


This colossal blade strikes downward like thunder.


This heavy curved blade could cut a spinning arc through the toughest of enemies.

Magic Longsword

A heavy blade imbued with powerful magic.


A battle spear capable of slashing and being thrown.

Magic Spear

A spear imbued with powerful magic.


Dual Hand blades for melee slashing.


A makeshift ranged weapon.


A flexible bow of yew and catgut. Fires arrows at moderate speed.


Fires a powerful bolt, but takes time to reload.

Magic Staff

A staff imbued with powerful magic.

Repeater Fires multiple bolts with a short delay between each.
Warcleaver After two hits, attack with a powerful slash.

For more information, see the appropriate category:

Weapon Properties Edit

Property Name



Grants a variable amount of extra experience.


More damage


?% Chance of stealing gold.


?% Chance of fire magic.


?% Chance of ice magic. 

Bomb ?% Chance of exploding hit.
Life Stealing ?% Chance of life stealing.
Deep Sea ?% Chance of water stike.
Cosmic ?% Chance of electric strike.
Plasm ?% Chance of plasm strike.


Fast attack speed.


High damage.


Both Elite and Swift.


1.5x damage, but makes the hero insane.


Low attack speed.


Poor damage.


Lower attack speed.


Less damage.


Low attack speed and poor damage.

The Sun Ray

Shoots the same ray as the Laser Trap at the end of the weapon combo.

The Speartrap

Summon the same spears as those from the Spear Trap

The Rat

Fires a projectile identical to the Sewer Rat at the end of the weapon combo.


Summon three giant swords in the direction you are facing at the end of the weapon combo.

Blasting Orb

Fires a projectile identical to the Masked Wizard .

The Boulder

Fires a boulder identical to the Moss Giant .

Toad Curse

Temporarily turns enemies into harmless toads like the Coven.

The Cyclone

Summons cyclones at the end of the weapon combo identical to the Cyclone Summon spell and the Follower Cyclone .
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